Keep the pressure on for a contract we can all be proud of!


As our bargaining team prepares to return to the bargaining table on Oct. 10, we’re turning up the heat and keeping the pressure on by stepping up our actions. 

Up and down the state we are fighting for a contract we can all be proud of; one that values our work and the services we provide for our communities and for all Californians.

Last week we purpled up and held informational pickets throughout California.

  • We marched in Los Angeles, Ontario and San Diego.
  • We delivered our message in Pelican Bay, in the central coast and at the Public Utilities Commission in San Francisco.
  • In Sacramento, we locked arms in solidarity and raised our voices for a contract we can all be proud of.

All over the state we said loudly and clearly that California is the sixth largest economy in the world, and in our California people who work hard for a living should be able to provide for their families.

The state’s offer of only 2.96 percent does not value our work, our families or the services we provide.

 Keep up the pressure, support our bargaining team and continue to take action until we win!

“We’re taking action across the state and moving forward together for our union, our contract and our future.”

– Yvonne R. Walker, President

“My family of five lost our house due to the financial hardships caused by furloughs. We can’t let that happen again.”

– Christina Calugcugan, EDD, Los Angeles