(DMV) upward mobility program
DEADLINE: October 31, 2022


SEIU Local 1000 fought hard for the contract right that our represented employees have access to upward mobility programs within their departments.  We are sharing information here regarding the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) upward mobility program upcoming DEADLINE (October 31, 2022!!).  Please don’t miss out.

Here is information we received from the Department:

A goal is a dream with a plan. Do you dream big, set goals, and take action? Are you motivated to move up within the DMV? If so, your opportunity is now!

Upward mobility offers the potential for increased responsibility and pay beyond the position you are currently in. If this resonates with you, the Talent Enrichment and Outreach Team is excited to announce the application period for the DMV Upward Mobility Program (UMP) which begins October 3, 2022!

What is Upward Mobility?

According to the California Code of Regulations, Title 2, Section 599.981,

“Upward Mobility” means the development and advancement of team members from positions in low-paying occupations (LPO) to entry technical, professional, and administrative (TPA) positions in California state civil service. There is no guarantee of team member promotion; however, all interested team members in designated LPOs are given equal consideration to participate in the UMP efforts based on the criteria set forth in the policy.

For a list of DMV’s qualifying classifications, please review pages 3-5 under “LPOs UTILIZED AT DMV” in the DMV’s Upward Mobility and Career Development Handbook (ADM 8014).

Upward Mobility Options

Team members in California state civil service have a number of mobility options available to assist them with achieving a satisfying state career. The Upward Mobility Coordinator (UMC) will help identify options available within the DMV, such as:

  • Application Reviews
  • Apprenticeship Programs
  • Career and Academic Counseling
  • In-Service Training
  • Leadership Programs
  • Mock Interviews
  • On-the-Job Training
  • Out-Service Training
  • Resume Assistance
  • Training and Development (T&D) Assignments

Upward Mobility Eligibility Criteria

For a team member to be eligible to participate in DMV’s UMP, they must meet all of the following eligibility criteria:

  • Employed in a classification identified as LPO.
  • Completed the LPO classification’s probationary period.
  • Have tenure and time base status (such as, permanent full time, permanent intermittent, etc.). A team member with permanent tenure may have priority over a team member with limited term tenure; a full-time team member may have priority over a part-time, or intermittent team member.
  • Have an overall rating of “satisfactory” on their most recent performance appraisal.
  • Have not been served an Adverse Action within the past 12 months preceding October 31st of the current enrollment year.
  • Have not had any negative performance documentation in their Official Personnel File (OPF) dated within the past 12 months preceding October 31st of the current enrollment year.

Upward Mobility Program Application

Team members interested in participating in the DMV’s UMP must complete the DMV Upward Mobility Application (ADM 8014 A) and submit it to the UMC during the application period beginning October 3, 2022, through October 31, 2022. The application is also available on the DMV Driver in the Career Opportunities and Upward Mobility section under Human Resources.

Submit your ADM 8014 A by October 31, 2022, via one of the three options below:

Email to:  DMVCareers@dmv.ca.gov

Postmarked October 31, 2022, by mail to:
ATTN: Upward Mobility Coordinator
DMV – ASD – HRB – Talent Enrichment and Outreach Team
P.O. Box 932315, MS E678
Sacramento, CA 94232-3150

Drop-off by 5:00 p.m., October 31, 2022, to*:
ATTN: Upward Mobility Coordinator
Department of Motor Vehicles
“Selection & Certification Unit Drop Box”
2415 1st Avenue, 1st Floor Lobby
Sacramento, CA 95818

*Applications must be placed in the “Selection & Certification Unit Drop Box” by 5:00 p.m. on October 31, 2022. Applications postmarked, personally delivered, or received via interoffice mail after October 31, 2022, will not be accepted. Applications will not be accepted via fax.

Dates printed on Mobile Bar Codes, such as Quick Response (QR) Codes provided by the United States Postal Service (USPS) are not considered “postmarks” for the purposes of determining timely submission of an application.

For more information regarding DMV’s UMP, please review the DMV’s Upward Mobility and Career Development Handbook (ADM 8014) on the DMV Driver.

For any questions about the UMP, you may contact the UMC via email at DMVCareers@dmv.ca.gov or by telephone at (916) 403-8337.

California Relay Service: 1-800-735-2929 (TTY), 1-800-735-2922 (Voice)

TTY is a Telecommunications Device for the deaf or hard of hearing and is reachable only from phones equipped with a TTY Device.