Governor’s revised budget respects our contract, our wages
Budget revision leaves out furloughs, preserves future raises … for now


On Friday, May 10, Gov. Newsom issued revisions to the 2024-25 budget, and it did not contain any recommendations that adversely affect our contract and more important, protects our pay.

It’s commonly called the “May Revise,” and it’s an important step in the State’s budgeting process. It updates the governor’s original budget with current information on revenues and expenditures. With fresh numbers, the work begins to create and pass a balanced budget by June 15.

California faces a projected $28 billion deficit in ’24-25, with an equal amount forecast for 25-26.

“The 96,000 state workers we represent were spared from payroll takeaways because together we fought to communicate to lawmakers and the administration the value of the critical services we provide,” said Irene Green, Local 1000 Vice President for Bargaining. 

“Members stood up in their workplaces, in their communities, and in the halls of the Capitol to reinforce our message of “hands off our contract,” added Green.

During this 30-day race to balance the budget, we must continue the fight, together, to protect our represented employees and demand respect for our hard-fought contract.