April 15, 2022


An Important Message for Employees Not Enrolled in a CalPERS Health Plan

The $260 monthly “health care stipend” paid to SEIU Local 1000-represented workers who are not currently enrolled in a CalPERS health plan ends effective with the July 2022 pay period.

The end of this benefit (only for those not currently enrolled in a CalPERS health plan) is in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and the Personal Leave Program (PLP) 2020 Side Letter.

If you are a state worker represented by Local 1000 and enrolled in a CalPERS health plan, you will continue to receive the $260 benefit through June 2023.


Know Your Rights: Holiday Leaves

Your Local 1000 union contract contains hundreds of articles governing your hard-earned rights, including wages, benefits and working conditions. This overview explains how our 100,000 represented state workers are entitled to 11 observed holidays and how you’re paid for those holidays, should you be required to work on one of those days.

Premium Holidays 

Employees who work any of these six holidays will be paid at 1.5 times their regular rate of pay and will also earn up to 8 hours of holiday credit. 


Bargaining Unit 15 Members Take Action with 3 Statewide Joint Labor Management Committees

One of our most powerful tools to solve workplace issues is the Joint Labor Management Committee (JLMC). It’s an opportunity to work directly with the boss to address specific or ongoing issues at the worksite level or even on a statewide basis.

It’s a right granted to us in our contract, and JLMCs are most commonly used to make changes in workload, productivity, and the recruitment and retention of employees.

Our Members in Bargaining Unit 15 have recently launched three different statewide JLMCs: