April 29, 2022


How Contract Negotiations Work – Who Bargains our Contract?

SEIU Local 1000’s contract campaign is a member-driven process from start to finish. Our member-elected bargaining representatives negotiate over our wages, benefits, and working conditions – and to protect the hard-earned rights we achieved in previous contract battles. You can make a difference by making your voice heard and taking action in the workplace to support your bargaining team. Below is an overview of who bargains our contract and the different roles that are played during the bargaining process.


SEIU Local 1000 and State reach agreement on Actuary Series Consolidation

The State of California is continuing its efforts to consolidate and streamline the many outdated and unnecessary state civil service classifications as part of its Civil Service Improvement (CSI) project. On April 8, 2022, a member-led bargaining team of impacted actuaries and actuarial assistants reached agreement on a Side Letter to our current MOU with respect to the State’s actuarial members.


Know Your Rights – Who Owns Your Leaves?

With a large body of our 100,000 represented employees working remotely on a part- or full-time basis, it’s good to know the difference between various kinds of leaves that we earn as part of the many hard-earned rights contained in our contract.

There are more than a dozen types of leaves, ranging from vacation time, sick time, and holidays … all the way to jury duty, bereavement leave, and the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Questions often arise as to the proper way to manage leave time.


Can we get a Cost-of-Living Increase (COLA) in our Next Contract?

We are working already to prepare our Local 1000 Bargaining Team to negotiate a new contract next year. With inflation on the rise, many of our represented employees are asking whether a COLA—cost-of-living Increase—can be added.

“Getting COLA into our contract is a heavy lift, but also a great thing to accomplish,” said Bill Hall, SEIU Local 1000 Board Chair. “While we want to fight to get COLA back into our contract, any negotiation involves a give and take that we need to address. We need to strategize on where in our contract we bend and where we stand firm.”