April 7, 2021


Local 1000 Continues to Prioritize Member Health Care

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown how important it is that we take active care of our health and the health of our communities. As vaccinations roll out and more and more of our community is protected, we must keep up the fight for better and more accessible health care to ensure we are all protected. And SEIU Local 1000 has been helping to lead the fight for a healthier California by demanding lower health care costs. 


My Vaccination Story – Bobby Dutta

Recently, Local 1000 member Bobby Dutta received the COVID-19 vaccination. As a state worker employed by the California Department of Public Health, he was permitted to make an appointment through the Rite Aid Pharmacy website. We relate his vaccination story in the hope that it will encourage our members and ALL Californians to follow suit.


Richard Turner Fights the Pandemic to Build Union Power

When Richard David Turner decided to get involved in his union, he signed up and drove 35 miles through the mountains between Capitola and the office in San Jose to attend weekend steward trainings. No stranger to working in difficult situations, he was elected to represent DLC 741 just days before the Covid-19 pandemic hit following the retirement of the previous DLC president. In the year since, he’s been fighting for DMV employees through his work with the DMV Heavy Enforcement Action Team (H.E.A.T.) to push back against management looking to take advantage of the crisis.


Community Power Shower Event Offers Some Basic Dignity for our Unhoused Neighbors

Our Local 1000 mission statement compels us to create a good life for all Californians. We do this in many ways—retirement security for all, and the right to $15 and a union to name two— but sometimes we help people in our community take what appear to us to be small steps but are every bit as important to ensuring a healthy, caring society.

On Saturday, March 27, our Community Power Team, in partnership with the Mercy Holistic Ministry, provided some basic human comfort to the less fortunate in the Sacramento community in the form of a shower, some fresh clothes, and a meal.


Local 1000 Leadership Elections Begin April 19

Mark your calendar. Local 1000 Leadership Election ballots should be appearing in your mailbox on or before April 19. And with their arrival comes your opportunity to shape the future of your union. However, please keep in mind that only members are allowed to vote.