2011 Legislative Report


The 2011 legislative session began with yet another budget deficit over $25 billion. The difference between 2011 and the past three years was Governor Jerry Brown’s commitment to start the budget process early. The Governor’s promise, along with provisions in Proposition 25 which required a simple majority-vote budget and forfeiture of legislature pay in the event of a late budget, enabled the legislature to pass an on-time budget. Major provisions in the budget included the realignment of state public safety responsibilities to the local level, $4 billion in unanticipated revenues and “triggered” cuts to education, public safety, and mental health if revenues fall below $3 billion. Much to the dismay of the Governor, the final budget did not include a balanced approach to the state’s perennial budget deficit. After months of negotiating, Republicans simply refused to allow Californians to decide if they wanted to vote for revenues to close the gap.

On the legislative side, Local 1000 sent four bills to the Governor’s desk. Local 1000 also supported bills that improved the living standards and rights of our members, their families and other working people and supported bills that achieved economic and social justice. Lastly, we opposed anti-labor and anti-public pension bills.