450 Permanent Intermittent Program Techs to convert to full time at Covered California


Over 450 Permanent Intermittent (PI’s) employees working for Covered California at two call centers in Fresno and Rancho Cordova were offered the opportunity to convert to fulltime on July 28. These full-time conversions will provide these workers with stronger benefits, increased take home pay and more robust job protection. It represents a big victory for these Covered California Program Technicians. 

Local 1000 is always pushing the State to offer stable, full-time work to as many state employees as possible through the conversion of PI workers.

From the information we’ve received, the conversions will go into effect in the August pay-period.  If you are impacted by this PI conversion and have questions please contact the Local 1000 Member Resource Center at 1-866-471-SEIU (7348).