Bargaining Unit 3 Member Leaders step up in DLC 742


Sulghi Hong has accepted the position of District Bargaining Unit Representative (DBUR) for District Labor Council (DLC) 742, which is located in Fremont and represents more Bargaining Unit 3 members than any other DLC in the state. DBURs are elected in each DLC to represent the interests of the unit during bargaining and representation. During the 2013 contract negotiations, Sulghi came to the Unit 3 bargaining table in May to help present proposals the team made regarding CDE salary schedules. The DBUR position in DLC 742 was left vacant when bargaining team member and longtime steward Jim Carreon retired in December 2012. Sulghi Hong will be supported by alternate Michael Boucher, fellow activist at the California School for the Deaf in Fremont. They have both taken great steps toward organizing the teachers at California School for the Deaf, California School for the Blind and Diagnostic Center – Northern California in Fremont.  

DLC 742 has also seen a major increase in new stewards. Since November 2012, nine members have stepped up to learn more about our contract and representation process to better assist their coworkers. 

Local 1000 welcomes Sulghi and Michael and all the new Bargaining Unit 3 stewards from DLC 742. Both Michael and Sulghi will attend the February Statewide Bargaining Advisory Committee meeting in February and will accompany our other DBURs on a visit to the California School for the Deaf in Riverside.