A California for All begins with our Members


Yesterday we kicked off bargaining with the State of California, the fifth largest economy in the world. As we entered our discussions with the State, we shared our commitment to build a California for All.

In our California for All, we believe everyone should have access to quality, affordable healthcare – whether they live in Redding or downtown Los Angeles. We believe California’s own employees deserve to make $15/hour. We believe every single person should be able to retire with dignity. We believe, if we are truly committed to building a California for All, it starts right here with California’s own state employees.  

That’s what this contract is about. That’s what we are fighting for.

As we started the bargaining session yesterday, we began sharing the value of our work and what a California for All means to each of us, our families, and the communities we serve every day as state employees.

We opened our discussions with a focus on building a sustainable work/life balance for our represented workers. We presented several proposals towards that goal:

The addition of a new tier for leave accrual for those with over 25 years of service.

The ability to cash out vacation/annual leave hours beyond the current 80-hour ceiling with departmental approval. This would help the state deal with the growing liability of leave balances and give our members greater flexibility.

An increase in paid bereavement leave from three to five days.

As our team hit the table, our members got active and began to build power within our worksites. We had thousands of members from Crescent City to Blythe wearing purple, putting on stickers, taking photos together and sharing them on social media – showing support for our bargaining team and our fight to win a great contract.

Simultaneously, members went to the Capitol to meet with legislators. Our members educated legislators on who we are and reinforced our value to the state of California. Multiple legislators expressed their support and took photos with our members to show everyone across the state that they are prepared to stand with SEIU 1000.

Join us – get active, connect with the leaders in your worksite, and post your photos to social media with the #seiu1000 and #CA4All hashtags and send photos to photos@seiu1000.org for the chance to be featured on our FacebookInstagram, or Twitter.

Our bargaining team returns to the table today, Thursday, June 27.