Celebrating the work of Bargaining Unit 15: Pride in Food Service Week


This week, we’re celebrating the contributions of our Correctional Cooks and food service workers in Unit 15—recognizing the hard work they do in our prisons and institutions under challenging and potentially dangerous conditions.

It’s Pride in Food Service Week, honoring food and nutrition professionals and other members of nutrition services teams for their hard work and dedication to their job.

Our cooks plan, organize, and supervise the preparation of cooking and serving of food to residents and employees of our correctional and hospital facilities. They often work with inmate residents of the facility, providing training, and they are often responsible for maintaining order and supervising the conduct of those inmates and resident workers.

Preparing and serving meals is hard work for most of us. Planning the work of serving hundreds, if not thousands, of meals daily is harder. Add to that the possibly dangerous environment inherent in prisons … difficult work indeed!

Our Unit 15 cooks and food service workers are just one of many classifications represented by Local 1000. As you can see, their workplace conditions differ greatly from most of us. We appreciate their hard work and are proud to count them among our Union brothers and sisters.