Classification Specification/Bargaining Update


Local 1000’s work on updating the Lab Assistant and Lab Assistant, Correctional Facility job classification specifications is nearly complete. The state acknowledges the need to add the Phlebotomy Licensing requirement to the classification specifications and the need to change the minimum qualifying education requirement to completion of 12th grade.  

Other new classification specification language that better identifies the type of work lab assistants do is also nearly complete.  Our bargaining team has presented evidence to the state that lab assistants not only need an updated classification, but also need an increase in compensation to accompany the new specifications.  The team has also proposed giving the phlebotomy differential to the Laboratory Assistants who perform those duties and are not currently receiving it. The state’s representatives have indicated, at this time, they are not interested in providing greater compensation to go with the new proposed specifications.  We will continue to meet with the state until we are able to agree upon all aspects of the classification update.