Educator survey yields promising results


A recently completed survey of more than 300 prison educators provided Local 1000 with some valuable feedback about ongoing initiatives and working conditions within state facilities.
The survey demonstrates that the overall, the sentiment of the respondents is that CDCR’s efforts to improve educational opportunities for prisoners are heading in the right direction.
Local 1000 looks forward to collaborating with CDCR to further rebuild and improve prison education.

Local 1000 Educators …

… broadly support the Voluntary Education Program (VEP) model

Allowing prisoners to self-select areas of interest in their educational path is a win-win scenario for teacher and student and provides significant opportunities for better student outcomes.

… are highly supportive of CDCR’s shared commitment to rebuild prison education

Local 1000 members recognize the collaborative interests of CDCR in evaluating and identifying key priorities in the aftermath of devastating program cuts.

… are eager to reduce the ratio of administrative duties to actual teaching

Our teachers feel that the amount of paperwork and non-educational duties significantly diminishes their primary function as educators, and would like to work aggressively to streamline this function.

… believe universal implementation of SB 1121 as essential to improving future outcomes

A large majority of respondents indicated that credentialed educators aren’t participating in classification committees in all institutions. Without an educator’s voice in the process, mis-assignments occur and the best opportunities for prisoners to build skills are often missed.