Local 1000 endorses Theresa Taylor for CalPERS board


Long-time activist is committed to retirement security

Longtime Local 1000 DLC 786 president Theresa Taylor, who has been active in every major Local 1000 campaign in the past decade, has announced her candidacy for an open seat on the CalPERS Board of Administration.

“As a 20-year state employee, activist and member of Local 1000, I understand first-hand what it’s like to raise a family, send kids to college and build a career through the ups and downs of state service,” said Taylor, who works as a principal compliance representative at the Franchise Tax Board (FTB) in Sacramento. “I struggled through the furloughs and worried about my own retirement security and healthcare options, as I’ve watched my friends and family work later and later into life because they had no other choice. That’s why I decided to step up in our union–and it’s why I’m running to be your voice on CalPERS.”

“I want to make sure the stability and security we’ve worked so hard to earn will be there for our families when we need it most,” she added. “I have fought shoulder to shoulder with my fellow Local 1000 members to protect our retirement security, and I know our work won’t be done until all Californians have access to a secure retirement after a lifetime of work.”

Retirement Security Committee

Taylor is a member of Local 1000’s Retirement Security for All Committee, where her priorities have been “strengthening our pensions, strengthening Social Security and helping implement Secure Choice, which will help millions of working families save for retirement.”

She has also been active in her community and on issues supported by Local 1000 and our allies. In addition to participating in every recent contract and political campaign, Taylor has marched with activists over income inequality, justice for low-paid workers and demanding transparency by Wall Street banks.

Experience in complex corporate finances

Taylor’s 20 years at FTB has given her financial experience that will help her protect the pensions and benefits of our members.

“I’ve combed through thousands of financial statements and balance sheets rooting out the hidden assets of California’s biggest tax debtors,” Taylor said. “My job requires the analysis of complex financial transactions to determine the facts and the truth. I’ll take that same approach when it comes to investing CalPERS assets, protecting your retirement security and keeping health care affordable.”

Taylor is running for a board position representing all active Local 1000 members working for the State of California. Ballots are scheduled be mailed to voters on Aug.29. CalPERS must receive ballots no later than Sept. 29 to be counted.