Member activists lead the political effort
Grassroots phone banking, precinct walking will make the difference


Local 1000 members all over California are volunteering to make phone calls and to walk precincts on behalf of candidates committed to strengthening the middle class and to expanding opportunities for all.

Most members volunteer after work or on Saturdays to have one-on-one conversations with voters. Some, like Brenda Ferguson, are taking weeks or months away from their state jobs to work full time as member political organizers. Ferguson helps train new volunteers and supports them in phone banking or precinct walking activities.

“A lot of the conversations we’re having are educating voters about the connection between middle-class opportunity and who you elect to office. Ever since I was a child, I have been aware that political power–or the lack of it–can directly affect your opportunities in life,” said Ferguson, an 18-year DMV employee in Sacramento. “We have an opportunity to work on political campaigns at a time when economic justice is finally part of the national discussion.”