Registered Dental Assistant Settlement (As of July 24)


After the Governor’s office approved the terms of the settlement with Registered Dental Assistants (RDAs) in May, a legally binding settlement agreement has been drafted and signed by the parties. Because the settlement calls for changes to our contract language, legislative approval is required. The parties are currently in the process of drafting a Side Letter agreement to submit to the Legislature for approval.

Settlement check status

Local 1000 has requested that the settlement checks be issued immediately – and not delayed by the legislative approval process. We are awaiting a response from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) and will update this web page as soon as we know checks will be issued.

Is your name on the settlement list?

Local 1000 has provided CDCR with the names of many RDAs who were left off the original settlement list. The department has verified their licensure and employment dates, and agreed to an updated list.Click here to read the updated list of names who will receive settlement checks.

If you worked for CDCR as a licensed Registered Dental Assistant between November 30, 2007 and the present, and your name does not appear on this list, please email Please provide the correct spelling of your name as it existed at the time you received your RDA certification.  Also, please indicate whether you have an “extended function” certification.  This information will enable us to verify your license through the Dental Board of California.

It is VERY IMPORTANT, that you make sure the State Controller’s Office (SCO) has an updated address for you on file.  Initially, Local 1000 thought we could update addresses for RDAs; but CDCR recently informed us that RDAs must fill out and sign an Employee Action Request form to update their address with SCO directly.  Click here to download a copy of the Employee Action Request form.

If you provided an updated address to Local 1000, you still need to fill out, sign, and mail in this form to SCO to ensure you will receive your settlement check at the correct address.  

Spread the word!

Please share this information to any other RDAs who may be covered by this settlement.