SEIU Local 1000 Supported Legislation


AB 22 (Mendoza) Employment: credit reports

Prohibits credit checks for employment purposes unless a worker’s credit history is substantially related to the job. Result: Signed

SB 202 (Hancock) Elections: ballot measures

Required all initiatives that qualify for the ballot after July 1, 2011 to be placed on the November general election. Result: Signed

AB 920 (Portantino) Public employees: rights

Enacts the Public Employees’ Bill of Rights Act (PEBRA) which provides various rights and protections to non-excluded state civil service employees and requires that any adverse action taken against a state employee be initiated and the investigation completed within one year of the cause for discipline.Result: Held in committee

AB 1143 (Dickinson) Department of General Services: State Board of Equalization facility 

Authorizes the Director of General Services (DGS), with the consent of the State Board of Equalization (BOE), to enter into a lease, a lease-purchase agreement, or a lease with an option to purchase for a build-to-suit facility to consolidate the offices of the BOE within the Sacramento region. Result: Held in committee

SB 270 (Hernandez) State employees:  compensation

Continuously appropriates state employee wages, in any year in which a budget is delayed, for the period of time beginning July 1st and ending upon enactment of the new budget. Result: Held in committee.

AB 101 (Perez) Child care: family child care providers: bargaining representative

Allows family child care providers to form, join and participate in unions to improve standards in their industry. Result: Vetoed

SB 14 (Wolk) State Budget

This bill provides a statutory framework for the implementation of performance- based budgeting and for a systematic program performance review by the Legislature. Result: Vetoed