Update on Registered Dental Assistant Settlement


On Friday, August 15, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) informed Local 1000 that they expect to begin issuing Form 204s for current employees who will be receiving settlement checks.  CDCR expects to begin issuing the Form 204s by the end of the month.  Once employees complete and sign the Form 204, CDCR will process their settlement check.

It may take additional time for those who have left state service to receive their Form 204 in the mail, so please be patient. CDCR cannot send you the Form 204 or the settlement check unless they have your current address. As a reminder, if your address changed you must fill out and sign an Employee Action Request form to update your address with SCO directly.  

Click here to download a copy of the Employee Action Request form

CDCR also agreed to add more names to the settlement lists that were inadvertently excluded.

Click here to read and download an updated list of names for the $3500 lump sum

Click here to read and download an updated list of names for the $1750 lump sum

If you worked for CDCR as a licensed Registered Dental Assistant between November 30, 2007 and the present,  and your name does not appear on the list, please email RDAsettlement@seiu1000.org Provide the correct spelling of your name as it existed at the time you received your RDA certification.  Also, please indicate whether you have an “extended function” certification.  This information will enable us to verify your license through the Dental Board.

Please forward this information to any other RDAs who may be covered by this settlement.

Additional Information About the Form 204s

Local 1000 is being flooded with calls from RDAs who have not yet been asked to fill out the Form 204, or who are being told by CDCR Personnel that their name does not appear on CDCR’s list. Please do not be concerned. 

If your name appears on the Union’s list, you are entitled to receive a settlement check.  CDCR has just begun the process of collecting the Form 204s, and will be contacting both current and former RDAs over the next several weeks.  

If your name appears on the Union’s list, and CDCR has not yet requested that you fill out a Form 204, you may take a proactive approach and contact your Personnel Specialist to request the Form 204 directly.  
Please know that due to the volume of calls Local 1000 is receiving on this issue, many of the calls will not be returned. All questions should be directed to RDAsettlement@seiu1000.org.  

Please forward this information to your co-workers, or direct them to the SEIU Local 1000 website.