August 16, 2021


“Suck a D*ck!”

Disclaimer: In the history of Local 1000, we could have never imagined writing a newsletter headline that began with those words, but considering the source of this nasty language, we were not surprised. We deeply apologize to our represented employees who may be offended by the vulgar headline, but the newsletter’s purpose is to report Local 1000 news. 

On August 11, 2021, SEIU Local 1000 President Richard Louis Brown was the victim of an unprovoked attack by both CalPERS Board Member Vice-President Theresa Taylor and her daughter, now former Local 1000 DLC 786 President Anna Taylor. The response was prompted when the Taylors were asked if they would be attending the Local 1000’s Lassen County California Correctional Center Closure and Union RIghts Rally on August 27. This vulgar commentary suggested what actions President Richard Louis Brown could take. In their profanity-laden, racially-charged and homophobic text-tirade, Anna Taylor resigned her position 48 hours later. Her mother, Theresa Taylor, who also serves as Vice-President of DLC 786, will automatically assume the President’s position.

“Imagine me, a black man telling a white woman and her daughter, to do the suggestive acts that Theresa and Anna Taylor just told me. I would have been fired on the spot, ran out of state service, and with no hope of reinstatement to state service” said President Richard Louis Brown. 

SEIU Local 1000, the CalPERS Board, and the State of California all prohibit suggestive or obscene comments which are spelled out in their respective Code of Conduct policies. All agencies require state employees to take some form of harassment training class on an annual basis. As state employees we all understand the boundaries that come with the positions we hold so when an elected representative, like a CalPERS Board member or DLC President, crosses-the-line of decorum, they should expect the same consequences as everyone else. 

Some of our new members may not remember that Theresa Taylor served as Yvonne Walker’s Secretary/Treasurer before being backed by SEIU Local 1000 in her bid for the CalPERS Board. 

To date, Theresa Taylor still sits on the CalPERS Board as the Vice-President, State Member Representative. We encourage CalPERS members to contact every Board Member to let them know that this conduct violates CalPERS policy and is unacceptable for an elected representative.

Now DLC 786 President Theresa Taylor also still sits on the Local 1000 Board of Directors. It’s ironic that no HR1 has been filed by any of her fellow DLC Presidents, even though they helped write the Policy File and are in a position to enforce it. We hope that changes very soon!