August 26, 2022

Article published on august 26, 2022

Member vs. Non-member: Representation and Benefits

SEIU Local 1000 represents nearly 100,000 state employees, both members and non-members alike. As our membership grows, our Union becomes stronger, and more state employees are taking advantage of the benefits that come with membership.

That begins with being part of a union that negotiates for our contract, and enforcing that contract is a Local 1000 priority.

Article published on august 26, 2022

New Bill Helping Working Renters in Danger of Homelessness Passes Senate, Awaits Governor’s Signature

At SEIU Local 1000, we believe that politics matter because they give us the ability to make important and lasting change in our workplaces and our communities. Recently, the California State Senate approved AB 2817 (Reyes), which would establish the House California Challenge Program to provide direct rental assistance to low-income renters in danger of homelessness. The bill now moves to the Governor’s desk for signature.

Article published on august 26, 2022

This Week’s Recommended Reads—and Listens—Expand our View of our World

This week, we’re sharing thoughtful reads from a range of sources that help us understand the issues and ideas that shape our Union world.

Heather McGhee, author of The Sum of Us: What Racism Costs Everyone and How We Can Prosper Together and one of the architects of the Race Class Narrative, has a new podcast.

Article published on august 26, 2022

New Members are Signing Up Across the State during the District Labor Council Tour

Our Local 1000 statewide leaders—Board Chair Bill Hall, along with our Vice Presidents— are meeting with represented employees where they work to talk about the importance of membership in our union and how a strong membership will impact contract negotiations next spring and summer.

The Leadership Team is visiting 51 District Labor Councils, from San Diego to Redding and all points in between, to listen to worker concerns and answer the questions of the state employees we represent.

Article published on august 26, 2022

Purple Up with a Local 1000 Zoom Background Screen

It’s a given that virtual conversations and meetings will continue as we all work to develop the “new normal” in the ways we communicate with our coworkers and fellow Local 1000 members. The question is how to show your Local 1000 pride in a virtual world.

To help, we’ve created six new backgrounds you can use to “show your colors” while projecting a more professional presentation.

There’s also a set of easy-to-follow instructions for how to use these new backgrounds in either Windows or MacOS environments.

Article published on August 26, 2022

Your Weekly Update on Local 1000 Progress from Board Chair Bill Hall

While still working on our statewide DLC Tour, I have our report of the week’s events at SEIU Local 1000. I have been out at worksite locations across the state, listening to your stories, problems in your worksites, and the expectations you have for our next contract agreement.

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