Bargaining and Ratification News


Bargaining and Ratification News


The vote count is in!

Congratulations to Bargaining Units 1, 3, 4, 14, 15, 17, 20, and 21 for ratifying a contract that will change the lives of thousands of Local 1000 members. Passage of this historic contract will put more money in our members’ pockets, ensuring they receive:

  • A 7% wage increase over three years
  • A $260 monthly health care stipend
  • More than 150 special salary adjustments
  • 45 classifications lifted up with our $15/hour minimum wage win
  • New and increased skill differentials
  • A $250/month Geographic Pay differential in four California counties.
  • For SEIU members like Hollie McAfee, this contract means being able to provide her family with the little things we often take for granted.
  • “I supported this tentative agreement because it’s a good contract. We didn’t leave any money on the table, and I’m thrilled that we got a health care stipend that’s a flat rate, not a percentage. That’s why I voted ‘Yes.’”
  • “This contract is the first step in helping us to truly build a California for All,” said Yvonne R. Walker, SEIU Local 1000 president. “While Unit 11 has chosen not to ratify this agreement, it is their right to do so. That’s democracy in action,” Walker reflected. “However, it is unfortunate that some leaders within our organization have chosen to take advantage of a group of members as part of a political strategy that hurts people’s lives and families. In the interim, we will work with CalHR to figure out how to move forward on a negotiation schedule.”

The ratification vote totals (percentage of ‘Yes’ votes) are as follows:

Unit 1 – 84%
Unit 3 – 91%
Unit 4 – 92%
Unit 11 – 48%
Unit 14 – 67%
Unit 15 – 92%
Unit 17 – 83%
Unit 20 – 85%
Unit 21 – 96%