Bargaining Units


Bargaining Units
What is a Bargaining Unit?

California civil service employees are divided into 21 bargaining units, based on their “community of interest” with other employees in their unit. In labor law, a “community of interest” is when a group of employees share common interests in wages, hours and other conditions of employment. Other factors that reflect a “community of interests” for organizing purposes include:

  • Similarity in skills, interests, duties and working conditions;
  • The employer’s organizational and supervisory structure;
  • The bargaining history; and
  • The extent of union organization among the employees.

Under the California “Dills Act,” the authority to determine bargaining units is given to the Public Employee Relations Board (PERB). 

Local 1000 represents 95,000 employees in nine bargaining units, making us the largest union for state employees in California and one of the largest public-sector unions in the country. 

Local 1000 bargains on behalf of all of our represented units at a “master table” on issues affecting all units, such as health and welfare, retirement and layoffs.  Our union also bargains on specific issues, such as classifications and post and bid, separately on behalf of specific bargaining unit.  


Unit 1
Professional Administrative, Financial & Staff Services

Unit 1 includes accounting officers, auditors, analysts for all departments, employment program representatives at the Employment Development Department (EDD), disability evaluators at the Department of Health and Human Services (DHS), and information technology analysts and other professional classifications.

For general questions regarding Unit 1, e-mail


Unit 3
Professional Educators & Librarians

You can get in touch with any BU3 DBUR by contacting your DLC president or calling the Member Resource Center, 866.471.7348

Unit 3 includes teachers, specialists and librarians working in the: California Military Department (one worksite), Department of Rehabilitation (one worksite), Department of State Hospitals (five worksites), Department of Developmental Services (five worksites), California Department of Education (six worksites), CDCR Division of Juvenile Justice (five worksites), CDCR Division of Adult Institutions (thirty four worksites)


Unit 4
Office & Allied Workers

Unit 4 includes program assistants, program/tax technicians, key data operators, word processing technicians, stock clerks and other classifications. This unit also represents toll collectors and DMV employees across the state.


Unit 11
Engineering & Scientific Technicians

Unit 11 members work in a wide array of state departments including Caltrans, Department of Fish and Game, Department of Water Resources, and the Department of Food and Agriculture.

View a graph of all the departments that are part of Unit 11

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Unit 14
Printing Trades

Unit 14 includes employees at the Office of State Publishing where the state budget, bills and laws and other state documents are printed. This unit also includes printers and graphic artists in individual departments throughout the state.


Unit 15
Allied Service Workers

Unit 15 includes civil service custodians who clean various state buildings, laundry workers, supervising cooks, and food services workers in the prisons and other state institutions.


Unit 17
Registered Nurses

Unit 17 includes registered nurses who work in California prisons, veteran’s homes, developmental centers, mental health hospitals, departments of healthcare services and public health, special schools and other departments that serve Californians.


Unit 20
Medical & Social Services Specialists

The purpose of Bargaining Unit 20 is to represent the LVNs, CNAs, Teaching Assistants, Dental Assistants, Pharmacy Technicians, Laboratory Technologists, Physical Therapists, Counselors, and many other medical and social service classifications working in prisons, veteran’s homes, developmental centers, state hospitals, special schools, and other departments for the State of California so they operate under a fair and legal contract, and are part of a strong member led union.


Unit 21
Educational Consultants & Librarians

The educational consultants and librarians of Unit 21 includes consultants who work with educational programs from pre-kindergarten through post-secondary or higher education, and the state librarians and archivists.

Judicial Council

Judicial Council

Judicial Council employees have won the right to organize into our union. 

After months of hard work by the Judicial Council Organizing Committee to move a bill to permit Judicial Council employees to organize for union representation (AB 83) through the legislature, Governor Brown signed it into law.