Bargaining Updates


Bargaining Unit 1 – R&R Committee
Recruitment and Retention Committee 5.17.1 Contract Implementation

Introduction to Application

Recruitment and Retention (R&R) (Article 5.17.1) is a victorious win for SEIU Local 1000 members. The purpose of this R&R is to provide a platform for the state and the Union to jointly come to a consensus on recruitment and retention issues that are impacting the classification and jointly bring them to the attention of the Director of CalHR and the Administration.


Bargaining Team Proposes a More Realistic and Respectful Essential Worker Pay Package

Our Local 1000 Bargaining Team—led by Irene Green, VP of Bargaining— returned to the table with the state on Sept. 1 to present an Essential Worker Pay (EWP) proposal that more appropriately rewards our represented employees for their efforts to provide vital services in truly dangerous public-facing working conditions that continue as this pandemic persists.

Our new proposal is for a one-time payment of $6,000 for all eligible employees represented by Local 1000 regardless of whether they were teleworking or in person.