Bargaining Updates


Unit 3 Bargaining Update for Monday July 8, 2019
Unit 3 Propose and Pass Four Special Salary Increases to State

Monday, July 8, marked the first 2019 meeting between the Local 1000 Unit 3 bargaining team and state representatives as they began the process of negotiating another great contract for union members. Serving teachers and librarians across California from Blythe to Weaverville, the Unit 3 team made four presentations to the state advocating for the interests of SEIU 1000 members and their families, with the goal of creating a California For All.  


Unit 11 Bargaining Update for Monday, July 8
Classification salary increases proposed

Our Unit 11 bargaining team met with state negotiators for the first time today, representing the interests of the nearly 2,800 Engineering and Scientific Technicians we represent.

The team shared their diverse backgrounds and deep job experience with the state’s negotiators, illustrating the work they do for Californians and their vision of a California for All.


Unit 20 Bargaining Update for Monday, July 8, 2019
Unit 20 Members Share their Work and Submit Special Salary Adjustment Proposals

Our Unit 20 bargaining team met with state negotiators on Monday, July 8, to share the work they do and the value of that work to the residents of California.

The Unit 20 team introduced themselves and invited nine different subject matter experts from Medical and Social Service occupations to outline their experiences with the state.  

Following the presentations we submitted special salary adjustments for:


Local 1000 Bargaining Team Returns for Round Two!

Local 1000 returned to the bargaining table on Thursday, June 27th and submitted five more proposals that underscored our commitment to building a California for All. 

In the run up to bargaining our members communicated a deep desire to make sure that all state workers are paid equitably and that no one who has a full-time job in California should live in poverty.  Members shared with us how important workplace respect was to them and that bullying and sexual harassment have no place at our worksites or in our communities. 


A California for All begins with our Members

Yesterday we kicked off bargaining with the State of California, the fifth largest economy in the world. As we entered our discussions with the State, we shared our commitment to build a California for All.


GeoPay Task Force Presents and Releases Report 

Our fight for economic justice continues as we set the stage for contract negotiations. 

On February 27, our GeoPay Task Force presented the acting director of CalHR and a team of state representatives with an in-depth report recommending solutions to the economic challenges many state workers face caused by the high cost of living in the communities they live and work in throughout the state of California.

What does the report illustrate?