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Stewards Build the Power of Our Union

Local 1000 Job Stewards are at the core of our collective power. They are the workplace advocates for our union, educating and advocating for our members. Job Stewards are the crucial connection between the workplace and the union, harnessing the power of our members at the workplace and amplifying their voices.

The Leadership Apprentice Program for Stewards (LAPS) fosters leaders in the workplace who advance the core mission of Local 1000.

If you are interested in becoming a Job Steward for SEIU Local 1000, please follow the steps below to complete the application process:

  • Complete the application. 
  • Local 1000 leaders are known for their diverse talents and interests. Use this application to describe who you are, your values and strengths, and what you will bring to the Local. Please give thought to the values expressed in the Purpose Statement and share how they relate to your own values, goals, and passions.
  • Obtain 2 letters of recommendation, written by the coworkers in your worksite. The letters should outline why you would be successful as a Job Steward. 1 letter shall be from a current Job Steward in your DLC, a DLC officer, or a union staffer. Outside recommendations from family members, supervisors, or other state workers (not represented by Local 1000) will not be accepted. Template letters will be not accepted.
  • Gather 25 signatures from your coworkers showing their support for you becoming a Job Steward. Click here to download the Petition form.

You may submit the Letters of Recommendation, Petition for Job Steward Certification, and the LAPS Application to


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