Outsourcing victory at CalPERS adds 86 jobs

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Expensive private vendors to be replaced by Unit 1 IT professionals
Local 1000’s fight against wasteful outsourcing has tallied another win: CalPERS has agreed to hire 86 skilled workers, mostly information technology (IT) professionals in Bargaining Unit 1, to reduce the agency’s reliance on contractors. The positions should be filled early this year.
Transferring work to employees 
The new hires are key to CalPERS’ efforts to increase the transfer of knowledge from private contractors who set up new IT systems to state employees who will operate and maintain those systems. Typically, outside consultants are paid two to four times what the state pays for IT professionals. 
For years, Local 1000 has been fighting with state departments about the practice of hiring private contractors to install a new computer system – and then hanging around for years to operate it at a much higher cost than transferring the work to state employees. 
Report outsourcing in your office 
If you are aware of a situation where private contractors are performing work that could be done by Local 1000-represented state workers, let us know and fill out the survey form >>