Unit 1 and 4 workers stand together against outrageous workloads
1:15 PM - October 26, 2012

Blog post

At 10 a.m. on October 10, hundreds of Unit 1 and Unit 4 members in EDD unemployment branches statewide silently stopped working, stood up together and waved their pendants, banners and flags which read CAUTION: EDD Workloads out of control (see image to right).
The EDD Joint Labor Management Committee (JLMC) on Workload Concerns and Quality Customer Service continues to meet with management regarding issues that affect our members every day. These issues include work backlog, assignments, fair time management and Upward Mobility. The collective support of members strengthens the team’s position during these meetings. 
“This action showed that we are not fighting as individuals, but we are stronger together across the state and across bargaining units, “said Beverly Arias, Unit 1 JLMC team member. “We stood up today for each other and for fairness in the workplace.” 
Unit 4 steward Will Lehner also proudly stood up and waved his flag, “People need to understand that in order for us to make a real impact and move forward, we must stand together.”
In May and June, the JLMC team traveled to EDD offices statewide gathering input from members about their working conditions to better represent their interests.   
“Employees who attended these meetings were glad to see that their concerns were being brought to light and that collectively we have a voice,” said Arias.  
The next meeting with management to discuss our concerns is scheduled for November. Return to this web page for updated information.