I Choose My Union


Over the next year you will face a choice

Standing Together

  • Stand together with 2 million SEIU members across the country, fighting back against attacks on our union and our workplaces.
  • Stand together to protect our contract, our wages, our benefits and our working conditions.
  • Stand together by committing to stay with our union because without a union the consequences are real for working people all over the country.


Or you can choose to stand-alone and experience what has happened to people around the country

  • Workers in “Right-to-Work” states make $6,109 less per year than their counterparts in collective bargaining states.
  • Union members in Wisconsin saw an immediate 24% cutback to their benefits after the passage of anti-union legislation in 2010.
  • Since 2010, state workers in Wisconsin have not been allowed to negotiate a salary increase of any more than 2% total for the last seven years
  • Workers in Wisconsin have lost the right to negotiate over benefits, retirement and working conditions.


Tools To Fight Back

Use the tools below to guide your conversations with colleagues, family members and community members about the threats working families face.