Anti-worker groups have consistently exploited contentious political issues to mislead members and encourage members to leave their union – and we expect them to continue doing so. Their tactics have misrepresented SEIU’s stance on law enforcement funding and our political spending.

Here’s how you can fight back:

1. Share this toolkit with your coworkers  

2. Display at work your “Proud Union Member Works/Lives Here” Placard. Download here. 

3. Report Emails as Spam! 


Send to these three addresses, all in one email:


“The Freedom Foundation/Opt Out Today sent me this SPAM at work without my permission. Please ask them to stop sending emails to me.”


In most cases, this automatically sends a warning message to their email provider.

4. If you choose to respond to their email, here is a suggested response:  

“Hello. Please stop contacting me. I love having a good union job with guaranteed raises and benefits. I don’t like when corporate-funded hacks bother me at work and try to rob me of my hard-earned benefits.” 

5. Do not share their materials on social media or with coworkers- we don’t want to give them more attention than they deserve. 

6. Report any suspicious activity to your URC rep or the MRC. 

Together we can fight back against anti-worker organizations!