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We won a contract that respects us, protects us, and pays us!

After more than four months of intensive negotiations, with support from thousands of Local 1000-represented workers, we won the largest contract in our union’s history.

Members really made the difference, and they’re the ones that helped bring this contract home. It’s a contract that puts more money in our pockets and improves working conditions. We won a 10% general salary increase, special salary and wage adjustments for more than 300 job classifications, a health care stipend and a reduction in pre-retirement deductions.

If you’d. like to see how this contract affects you, use our payroll calculator to estimate the change in your income.

If you’d like more information about what’s contained in your contract, you can read bargaining summaries, the ratification booklet, and the actual Tentative agreement here

We’re here to answer your questions. Below, you’ll find some frequently asked questions that may be helpful. You can also reach out to the Local 1000 Member Resource Center at 866.471.SEIU (7348).

Bargaining Unit Updates



When does our contract become a law?

Senate Bill 148 (State employment: State Bargaining Units: agreements: compensation and benefits) was signed by Governor Newsom and chaptered by the Secretary of State on Sept. 13th.

What happens next?

CalHR will issue a Pay Letter to the State Controller’s Office (SCO) notifying the SCO about the changes to the California State Civil Service Pay Scales.

When will we see changes to my paycheck?

This is dependent on the State Controller’s Office. Possibly November or December.

Do we get back pay?

Yes. The General Salary Increase (GSI) and Special Salary Adjustments (SSA) are retroactive to July 1, 2023. You should receive this pay in November or December 2023 but this is dependent on the State Controller’s Office.

When does the Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB) reduction take effect?

The 0.5% reduction — lowering the OPEB contribution from 3.5% to 3% — takes effect the first pay period following ratification. The reduction should be seen on our November paycheck.

When does the $165 health care premium contribution take effect?

The State’s additional $165 contribution to employee’s health care costs will take effect in December 2023. Click here to determine what your healthcare cost will be in 2024 with this additional contribution.


Organize Your Own Worksite Picket

The state responded with a counteroffer with a minimal difference, moving from 6% to 7%. We knew this wasn’t going to be easy but nothing worth fighting for comes easy. And so the fight continues!

Our informational picket lines are growing throughout the state. More and more members are stepping up and organizing pickets, or other actions, outside their worksites to make sure the state knows we haven’t given up.


Action to End Mandatory Overtime!

The SEIU Local 1000 bargaining team is proposing at the master table that the State of California finally puts an end to mandatory overtime for nurses. We all know how dangerous mandatory overtime is for patients and staff, but it’s important that management hears it from all of us! Take 2 minutes and please call/email your Department Head and urge them to support our proposal because we all benefit from a safe working environment.

Use the list below to find who you should contact based on your department:

  • Department of State Hospital- Executive Director  
  • Department of Veteran Affairs- Director of Nursing
  • Department of Developmental Services- Executive Director
  • California Correctional Health Care Services/CDCR- Your facility’s Chief Nurse Executive 

***In order to make sure our message is heard, please remember to be courteous and respectful!

Below is a simple script to use when making your calls or emails:

“My name is _____, and I have been a nurse with the State of California for ___ years. I love my job and take great pride in quality patient care. My coworkers and I sacrificed our health and the health of our families during the pandemic because we knew our work was essential. However, we are now at a breaking point. The high vacancy rate of nurses is putting us ALL at risk once again. The shortage of nurses means we are regularly being expected to work mandatory overtime. Mandatory overtime is unsafe for patients and nurses. Please do the right thing and urge CalHR to accept our proposal to end mandatory overtime for nurses that work for the State of California.” 

Article Published on July 13, 2023

Bargaining Update July 13, 2023

I wanted to take a minute to provide an update on where we are in our negotiations.

After 14 weeks of negotiations, your bargaining team is still working tirelessly to achieve the best possible deal. This hasn’t been an easy process. Like many of you, I’m frustrated by the State’s offer, but we have continued to move forward and have reached a tentative agreement on key non-economic sections of our contract language. You can read more about our tentative agreement language here.

Article Published on July 7, 2023

July 7th update from SEIU Local 1000 bargaining team

Our bargaining team met with the State today, exchanging a number of proposals and counterproposals. We were able to reach a tentative agreement on one contract section —
24.3 – Continuous Appropriations — which maintains our salaries and benefits in the case of
an untimely budget.  

Article published on July 5, 2023

July 5th update from Local 1000 Bargaining Team

Our bargaining team did not meet with the State today but is on standby to meet and negotiate with CalHR on a moment’s notice.

Last week, we did not reach tentative agreement with the State. Besides our pay raise, there are a number of issues remaining to bargain over at the master table as well as at the bargaining unit level.

As we work to bring home a good contract, our remaining negotiations will happen on an ad-hoc basis as both teams work to reach an agreement.


A Good Contract Starts With These Steps

  1. Purple Up on Wednesdays – wear purple and get your coworkers to join you on Wednesdays.  Share your photos with us at
  2. Become a ROC Star and join more than 500 fellow Local 1000 members who are by volunteering to build the strength we need to win a good contract by keeping your coworkers updated and involved in our contract campaign.
  3. Get a coworker to join our union so we have the strength to win for our families and all of California.