February 3, 2023

Article Published on february 3, 2023

Bargaining Town Halls Underway – members sharing their contract priorities

Hundreds of members are telling statewide leaders and our Bargaining Team what a good contract means to them … and thousands more are taking the additional step of filling out our online bargaining survey.

What’s most important to you in a new contract?
Come to a town hall and make your voice heard.

Contract negotiations are just months away, and we’re traveling the state to give our represented members an opportunity to say what’s most important to them as we build priorities and strategies for a new contract.

Article PUBLISHED ON february 3, 2023

Do SEIU Local 1000-represented employees have a right to strike?
Vice President for Bargaining Irene Green talks about our contract and projecting power

Many state workers ask a vital question during bargaining – do we have a right to strike. The law is clear – state workers (like most public workers) have a legal right to strike. The right to strike is one of the most important tools that workers have to leverage their collective strength to maximize the best contract.


Celebrating the work of Bargaining Unit 15: Pride in Food Service Week

This week, we’re celebrating the contributions of our Correctional Cooks and food service workers in Unit 15—recognizing the hard work they do in our prisons and institutions under challenging and potentially dangerous conditions.

It’s Pride in Food Service Week, honoring food and nutrition professionals and other members of nutrition services teams for their hard work and dedication to their job.


Celebrating Black History Month
How the early organizing efforts of Black workers shaped the freedoms we all enjoy

Black Americans have a storied history of fighting tooth and nail for the freedom not only to live but work in the United States. Many African-American-led labor unions have helped the community throughout history gain access to the freedoms we deserve.

At SEIU Local 1000, we fight for better working conditions, wages, and benefits, and we fight to enforce the contract that governs our hard-earned rights.

Sounds simple right? Well, historically, that hasn’t always been the case, especially for Black Americans.

Article Published on February 3, 2023

Weekly Leadership Notes from Board Chair Bill Hall

In 2023, engagement is paramount. As we strengthen our connections with members through our town halls, our members keep it real with us. We spent last Saturday with over a hundred members at our second Bargaining Town Hall in Long Beach. Whether members express frustration with past challenges or demand constructive results in future bargaining, our town halls allow all of us to hear the experience and pain of lost opportunity, to recognize the obstacles that stand in the way of our economic progress, and to engage our members in the fight to win a great contract.