I Choose My Union



The rich and powerful are attacking workers rights and our ability to pool our resources together to have the collective power necessary to bargain for better wages, benefits and retirement security.

They are using a Supreme Court case, Janus v. AFSCME, to divide and strip working people of any power.

An anti-union decision would be financially disastrous for working families – and communities. Workers may no longer have the collective power and resources necessary to negotiate good contracts, fight for higher wages, defend workers’ rights and protect hard-earned pensions.

The facts are clear, workers in states that have experienced similar attacks have experienced the following,

  • Make $6,109 less per year than their counterparts in collective bargaining states.
  • A 24% cutback to their benefits after the passage of anti-union legislation
  • Since 2010, state workers in Wisconsin have not been allowed to negotiate a salary increase of any more than 2% total for the last seven years
  • Lost the right to negotiate over benefits, retirement and working conditions.

That’s why workers across the state are saying #iChooseMyUnion. They are standing with their colleagues against the attacks on working people and our right to come together and bargain for a better future for all of us. Together we are unstoppable. Tell us why you choose your union using #iChooseMyUnion.