January 19, 2022


2021 Year in Review: State Budget

After a tumultuous year of political and economic turbulence, SEIU Local 1000’s work on the State Budget made sure that the State remains accountable to the workers who kept California moving through the worst of the pandemic.


2021 Year in Review: Contract Enforcement
Providing Real Representation for our Members is a Local 1000 Priority

Having a strong union means having the power to protect our rights and enforce our contract, and our online search tool allows our members easy-to-use access to the hundreds of contract articles that govern our wages, benefits, and working conditions.

Throughout the year, our members, working in concert with front-line job stewards, and our Union Resource Center (URC), pushed back against contract violations, and we often reported wins on behalf of a good number of the 100,000 state employees we represent.


2021 Year in Review: Contract Department

2021 was a momentous year for SEIU Local 1000’s Contract Department. With a focus on contract implementation and contract enforcement, the Department has been hard at work defending the hard-won workplace protections and opportunities for the state workers who have kept California afloat in the second year of the pandemic.