January 20, 2021


Community Power Team: Creating Better Lives in 2021

Community Power is a union initiative that harnesses the power of our member leaders to exert the power necessary to achieve the Local 1000 Purpose: To create a good life for All Californians through social, economic, and environmental justice.

Carolyn Moyer, one of our newest member leader advocates and part of the Community Power Team, said it best. “I believe our members have huge hearts, and it’s great to have an avenue where we can use those hearts to improve our communities for ourselves, our families, and our neighbors.”


2020 Year in Review – Part 3
Connecting with Members in Different and Lasting Ways

Our Union is stronger when we stay together. However, in just a handful of days this past March, nearly 75% of state workers became teleworkers, and just as suddenly making connections with our represented members became significantly more challenging, ushering in the first of many new realities we would face in 2020.

But with challenges come opportunities, and through a variety of means, we made sure that the evolving needs of our members were met, and that they knew their Union was working to ensure their hard-earned contract rights were enforced.