January 27, 2021


2020 Year in Review, Part Four: Standing Strong During the Pandemic

As we look back at an unforgettable year, one thing remained constant: Local 1000 stood strong as a union despite challenging circumstances.

Responding to our members in changing times, we increased our communications and kept our promise to provide real representation and protect our hard-earned rights, and to help keep our members safe at work.


Local 1000 Members Amplify Racial Justice Conversation

For years, our Union has been engaged with training members and staff in dismantling structural racism and working to develop an equity lens.

We have worked on developing career mobility opportunities across units with state departments and in our Local 1000 apprenticeship work.  And SEIU International has created the Racial Justice Center to help integrate the racial justice resolutions passed at our international conventions every four years.


Unacceptable Conditions Continue for State Workers at Pelican Bay State Prison

Built in Crescent City in 1989, Pelican Bay State Prison (PBSP) is the one of the few supermax facilities in the state. As of April 2020, Pelican Bay has been at 109% capacity, housing high-priority prisoners from across California. Due to both of these factors—and several more—during the COVID-19 pandemic, PBSP has become a hotbed of fear and intimidation directed towards the medical staff represented by SEIU Local 1000.


Asked and Answered!
Turn to the Local 1000 Member Resource Center with Your Questions Today

In a time where our 96,000 represented employees find themselves working in uncertainty and at peril to their health, there’s a resource where you can quickly learn about everything from a changing workplace to an emerging issue about the hard-earned rights granted by our contract.

One call to the the Local 1000 Member Resource Center (MRC) at 866.471.SEIU (7348) connects you with a well-trained, knowledgeable representative who can answer questions and, when necessary, refer you to the appropriate SEIU Local 1000 leader for representation or other issues.