July 15, 2021


Ballots for SEIU Local 1000 Statewide Vice President for Bargaining due by mail August 2

Voting is underway now for SEIU Local 1000 Statewide Vice President for Bargaining. Ballots were mailed to eligible voters earlier this month. Fill out your ballot and put it in the mail today!

Ballots can only be mailed and must be received, sealed inside the pre-addressed, postage-paid return envelope provided, by 5:00 p.m. on August 2, 2021. Walk-in ballots will not be accepted.


Maria Skelton: Working to Make a Difference for Her Fellow Members

In addition to the bargaining, negotiations and economics, a huge part of SEIU Local 1000’s primary goal is to make sure that workplaces across California are fair, safe, and respectful environments for state workers. The greatest part of that work comes down to job stewards, who help speak up for their coworkers when problems arise in the workplace, and are a voice for those who do not yet know how to make themselves heard.