June 17, 2022


Meet your Union Leaders and Representatives on Worksite Wednesdays!

Our Union is stronger together when we’re able to meet and talk about the issues we face in our jobs and at our workplaces. Our new Wednesday Outreach program to represented employees is giving us an opportunity to build relationships and power as we look towards negotiating a new contract next year.


Bargaining Unit 1 Chair Susan Rodriguez Talks to You – Wednesday on “Straight Talk.”

Join us on our weekly Leadership Zoom Call. No registration necessary.

Bargaining Unit 1—the state employees we represent in the Professional, Administrative, Financial, and Staff Services classifications—is the largest bargaining unit in SEIU Local 1000. Our Bargaining Unit 1 Chair, Susan Rodriguez, will join us Wednesday night to answer your questions.

She’ll be joining our Board Chair Bill Hall on a Zoom call, where represented employees are invited to talk with Union Leadership to ask questions and to learn about important issues.


Saving Money is an Added Value of SEIU Local 1000 Membership

There are a great many benefits that come with membership in Local 1000: a voice in the direction and future of your union, expanded representation and job protections, and the opportunity to grow as a leader. But there’s more:

Your union membership entitles you and your family to a number of additional benefits, discounts and savings that can easily add up to more than double your monthly dues. With the purchasing power of 100,000 members, Local 1000 can help you save money on local goods and services with:


Highlights from the June Board of Directors Meeting

A new budget, revised union leave, and the elimination of officer stipends were among the highlights of the June 11-13, 2022, meeting of the SEIU Local 1000 Board of Directors.

The board is comprised of 65 member-elected Union leaders: 51 District Labor Council Presidents, 10 Bargaining Unit Chairs, and 4 elected statewide officers. Bill Hall, the president of District Labor Council 744, is the Board Chair.


From the Desk of Board Chair Bill Hall

Thanks to the hard work of members like yourself, SEIU Local 1000 continues to move forward towards our goal of building our union power and securing a good contract for all of our represented workers. I’m pleased to report on the following developments:

Staff Development


SEIU Local 1000 Apprenticeship Program Continues Expansion

For workers looking to build on their careers in the public sector, the challenge of developing their skills can be daunting. Meeting the qualifications that ensure state workers are prepared to serve the people of California and secure promotions is sometimes a difficult task, but SEIU Local 1000’s Apprenticeship Programs help make this career growth and upward mobility possible.