June 24, 2022

Article Published june 24, 2022

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Every Wednesday, hundreds of SEIU Local 1000-represented employees are joining a lively conversation with Local 1000 leadership. They’re getting current news, and learning about important issues and opportunities at the Union.

On Wednesday, June 29, Bargaining Unit 21 Chair Bobby Roy will join Board Chair Bill Hall.

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Article Published June 24, 2022

EDD Steward team wins big for returning Employment Program Representatives

stepped up to accept a Limited Term (LT) Employment Program Manager (EPM) 1 position to help lead teams of front-line employees. As the limited terms began to end, many of these hard-working, stand-up leaders discovered that starting the first day back as an EPR, they were being thrown to the wolves.   

Many job assignments were not being distributed equitably. They were expected to jump right back in without any adjustment period, re-training, or coaching on the ever-changing requirements of the EPRs within the Unemployment Insurance Program Division.

Article Published June 24, 2022

Facing COVID surge, Oakland Workers March on the Boss, Demand Safety

For the past several weeks, there has been a surge in positive COVID cases at the 1515 Clay Street Building in Oakland, with seemingly no end in sight. There have been multiple outbreaks (3 or more cases in 14 days) across multiple floors and suites. Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) employees in the most-affected suites have voiced their concerns to Management repeatedly and consistently over these hazardous working conditions.

Article Published on June 24, 2022

The Fight for Worker Rights is Universal

The labor movement is on the rise, and nowhere was that more obvious than at the 2022 Labor Notes convention in Chicago on June 16-19, 2022, where over 4,000 union members, staffers, activists, and leaders gathered. These attendees represented the breadth of our diverse movement, from electricians in Texas to state workers in Washington; from call center employees in the Philippines to transit laborers in Boston; from Starbucks baristas in Florida to auto workers in Michigan.