June 30, 2023

Article published on June 30, 2023

CDCR/CCHCS Announce Expected CAC Closure Date

SEIU Local 1000 has been informed by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation and California Correctional Health Care Services that the California City Correctional Facility, or CAC, is projected to close by March 31, 2024.

After learning that the CAC is slated for closure, and with the short timeline to negotiate this closure and its impact on Local 1000 represented, we are preparing for pre-mitigation through the Voluntary Transfer Process or VTP.

Article Published on June 30, 2023

State Workers Show their Strength at CalHR Protest

State workers held a protest outside the CalHR building in Sacramento to demand a fair contract with a living wage that will respect, protect, and pay us. With some members driving for over an hour to attend, workers from across California are joining together to demand more from the State’s negotiators.

Article published on June 30, 2023

Silent Protest March at Capitol Draws Hundreds

The State has made it clear: they do not care about the needs of workers. Their 6% raise counterproposal is an insult to every state worker across California who kept this state growing for the last three years. The State’s refusal to address the economic concerns of one of the country’s largest public workforces will have devastating impacts on the services Californians depend on, the workers who provide those services, and the communities they live in.

Article Published on June 30, 2023

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