March 25, 2022


Contract Enforcement for our Represented Members is a Top Priority

Having a strong union means having the power to protect our rights and enforce our contract, and our online search tool allows our members easy-to-use access to the hundreds of contract articles that govern our wages, benefits and working conditions.

Are you looking for information about vacation accrual? Rules regarding sick leave? How to take advantage of upward mobility programs in your department? The answers are just a click away at


Women’s History

Katherine Johnson: Fly Me to The Moon (1918-2020)

Katherine made history as one of the first African American women to work as a NASA scientist. Over a 33-year career, her work in calculating orbital mechanics by hand were critical to the success of the first U.S. crewed spaceflights. From John Glenn’s Mercury launch, through the Gemini and Apollo programs, and all the way to early work on the Space Shuttle program, Johnson earned a reputation for mastering complex manual calculations and helped to pioneer the use of computers to perform the tasks.


Your important questions answered

Since February 28, changes in leadership and governance of SEIU Local 1000 have been put in place to make our union stronger and more accountable to the 100,000 employees we represent.

Three times over the past several weeks, Board Chair Bill Hall and Vice Presidents David Jimenez, Anica Walls, and Irene Green have held leadership calls open to all comers, and received numerous thoughtful questions and comments.