March 30, 2023

Article Published on March 30, 2023

Do State Employees Have the Right to Strike? – In Some Cases, Yes!
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Our contract expires at the end of June, and we’re literally weeks away from bargaining with the State. Our team will be working hard to fulfill the priorities of the members, and we’ll all need to support our negotiation efforts with concerted actions in the workplace … and perhaps more.

Can Local 1000 strike? In certain circumstances, yes. Despite a “no-strike” clause in our contract, we have the right to strike, under the right conditions.

Article Published on March 2023

Celebrating women on the front lines of Social, Economic, and Environmental Justice

Among the many women remembered and celebrated during Women’s History Month, we can point to three whose leadership helped to inspire the SEIU Local 1000 Purpose Statement, which encourages us to use the power of our represented employees to achieve social, economic, and environmental justice. Here’s a look at these powerful, thoughtful women.


“Si Se Puede” – Honoring the legacy of Cesar Chavez

On March 31 we honor the heroic and pioneering achievements of Cesar Chavez, the labor leader and civil rights activist who changed the landscape for farm workers by securing raises and improving working conditions in the fields of California, Texas, Arizona and Florida.

Chavez used the rallying cry, “Si Se Puede” (Yes, We Can) to organize and engage farmworkers, and it’s as relevant today to the represented members of Local 1000.

Article Published on March 30, 2023

The Benefits of Membership in SEIU Local 1000 Include the Power to Win a Good Contract There’s real truth to the Local 1000 slogan: Stronger Together.

Membership is key to winning a good contract, and when we go to the bargaining table, it’s important to have a membership roster that’s as large as possible. The higher our membership percentage, the stronger the message we send to State negotiators that we’re “all in” for a good contract that values our contribution to California.