May 21, 2021


The Battle for Humane Working Conditions at Pelican Bay Continues

Supporting the work taken up by SEIU Local 1000 members to address issues in their workplaces is a fundamental component of the role of the union. Nowhere is this mandate clearer than at Pelican Bay State Prison. Pelican Bay, or PBSP, was built in Crescent City in 1989 and is the one of the few supermax facilities in the state. A year ago, the facility has been at 109% capacity, housing high-priority prisoners from across the state. Since then, the COVID pandemic exacerbated the existing problems that management allowed to come to define PBSP.


Providing Real Representation for our Members is a Local 1000 Priority

Our contract contains hundreds of provisions that govern our wages, working conditions and benefits. Those hard-won rights are protected and enforced by members and staff, including our job stewards, our Member Resource Call Center, and our Union Resource Center. If you have an issue or believe your rights are being violated, contact your workplace steward and let’s work together to solve your issues. Here are some recent examples of members working with their union to win!

WIN – Vacation Denial Reversed for Prison RN


Local 1000 Doing Our Part to Support Healthy Communities
Clinics on April 15-17 and May 13 – 15 administer over 2500 Covid-19 vaccinations

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown how important it is that we all are participants in the health of our communities, just as we care for our own health. SEIU Local 1000 members were able to help make the health of all our communities a priority at the Vaccine Clinic held at the Local 1000 offices in Sacramento. By ensuring that state workers have access to the vaccine, we can move our whole state one step closer to full vaccination and, hopefully, an end to the pandemic.