May 27, 2022


Join the Conversation with Local 1000 Leadership on “Straight Talk” each Wednesday
There’s a new way to connect with your Union. No pre-registration necessary!

Each week, our represented employees are invited to talk with SEIU Local 1000 leadership to ask questions and to learn about important issues and opportunities at the Union. Interested in contract negotiations? Opportunities in our apprentice program? Telework? Essential Worker Premium Pay? Join us on Wednesday nights!


Professional Development Days: Use them or lose them! Deadline Approaching!

One of our hard-earned contract rights is Professional Development Days (PDD). Local 1000-represented employees accrue two PDD each fiscal year (July 1-June 30).

You must use these days in the fiscal year they are accrued

It’s important to remember that Professional Development Days are separate from any other provision afforded in the contract—including “educational leave.” These days can be used at your discretion and management may not request documentation for this leave.


Contract Enforcement: We’re Fighting Every Day to Protect our Hard-Earned Rights

Our contract is a comprehensive document that protects our wages, benefits, and working conditions, and also includes hundreds of articles that govern how we do our work, schedule our leaves, and interact with our supervisors.

When we stand up and stand together against violations of those rules, we receive the full benefit of the contract we all worked so hard to win.