Why Membership Matters
Union Membership: Stronger with You


Why membership matters! Without a STRONG UNION, our pension, benefits, health care and wages are at risk!

Have a voice:

  • Membership gives you a direct role in voting for our union’s officers, electing our bargaining team and ratifying our union’s contract.
  • It empowers us to determine our union priorities, and it creates the leverage to be successful at the bargaining table. A strong membership base gives us the power to stand together to defend our benefits from constant attacks.

Receiving support:

  • Access to the union’s legal department or professional representatives who have experience defending your rights in the areas that matter most—discipline, Skelly hearings, AWOLs, preventing outsourcing of state jobs and disability and leave protections.
  • There is a death benefit worth up to $3,000.
  • Access to home loan benefits.
  • Savings on hundreds of local services and products plus big discounts at theme parks and other venues

Growth as a leader:

  • Membership gives you the opportunity to shape the future you want to see for your family, friends and community. It provides you with access to tools to develop your leadership to defend our future.

Become a member today!