Community Power

Community Power

Community Power focuses on building power where we live. We have power in our workplace which allows us to bargain contracts, protect pensions and represent workers. And much of our lives occurs outside of work and outside of the scope of our contract. Through Community Power members come together to exert the power necessary to achieve the Local 1000 Purpose Statement.

Community Power has been advocating for affordable housing and renter protections in Sacramento. We have hosted community forums on key issues such as addressing homelessness. We are training members to serve on local boards and commissions. We have showed up together and demanded action from local elected officials at city council meetings.

Our next Renter’s Rights event will be hosted at the SEIU Local 1000 Union Hall on January 22, 5:30 p.m. and will focus on educating renters on new local and state laws that can affect them.

Community Power presently is focused in the Sacramento region. We will expand to other areas where there is member density and member leadership willing to engage in community issues.

Are you a leader in your community or interested in becoming one? Do you have a vision for what your community could become Join us! For more information contact: