4% Pay Raise In Effect
Members Standing Together Won A Contract We Can All Be Proud Of


By choosing to stand together as members in our union, we have the power to win better wages and benefits for ourselves and our families. 

Our August paychecks reflect a 4% general salary increase—the second of three increases totaling 11.5% over 3 years. Members will receive an additional 3.5% increase effective July 1, 2019. 

In 2017, eligible employees received a $2,500 bonus, along with the first 4% raise, and more than 50 job classifications also received special salary adjustments. We won the largest labor contract ever negotiated with the state, and we did it by standing together in our union. 

Members made the choice to be involved in every part of the eight-month bargaining process. In dozens of town halls, thousands of one-on-one conversations and thousands of bargaining surveys, our members identified their key contract priorities and then took action to win a pay increase, more professional development, improved working conditions, healthier and safer workplaces and better scheduling of our work and our leave time. 

“Now our choice is to stand with our union to protect these wins,” said Mindi Matsumoto, a Unit 4 DMV Motor Vehicle Representative. “We can’t rely on others to protect all that we fought for. We have to make the choice to stay united in our union.” 

As we ramp up our efforts to bargain a new contract in 2019, we can choose to stand together, ensure everyone is a member and continue to fight to improve the lives of all Californians. Or we can experience what workers in Wisconsin and states throughout our country are going through. 

In contrast to what we’ve achieved in California, state workers in Wisconsin are experiencing the consequences of anti-union legislation. State workers in Wisconsin have lost negotiation rights, seen severe cuts to their benefits and have received a mere 2% salary increase over the last 7 years. 

“When we choose our union, we create the power necessary to protect our hard-earned rights, our pay, our benefits and our retirement,” said Yvonne R. Walker, Local 1000 president. “Together, we can make our next contract even stronger.” 

Protect your hard-earned contract rights, your wages, benefits and retirement by becoming a member today. Click here to become a member.