African-American Committee Celebrates History and Culture


Throughout the month of February, our African-American Committee is gathering members and community together to honor Black History Month and celebrate the contributions and achievements that have helped shape the American landscape.

Our member-led committee recognizes that we are all connected by our struggle for a world where fairness and human rights thrive.

Already, members and community in the Sacramento area have gathered to learn more and discuss the remarkable history of African-Americans and the journey toward social justice and equality for all people.

We celebrated the Feb. 2 unveiling of civil rights icon Rosa Parks in a public ceremony at the Rosa Parks State Memorial Building in San Bernardino, where her image will greet more than 300 of our members each day at their worksite. 

A presentation and discussion about the historic “Southern Strategy” was held on Feb. 13 in Ontario and one is planned for Sacramento on Feb. 23. The “Strategy” was an attempt to realign the Republican party in the 60s and 70s over issues of civil rights and racism. The event included a screening of “A Day’s Work,” a recent documentary that asks this question of all working people: “What do we get for a day’s work?”

Committee members in SoCal have been meeting with NAACP chapters across the region to speak about right-to-work and its impact on the larger community. 

On Feb. 28 in Sacramento, it’s a family reunion at “Fork n’ Greens” night … a soul food sample and taste event featuring music and a “best dish” competition.

Our African-American Committee brings union leaders together to spearhead positive community events to improve the lives of our members and the communities we live in. For more information, contact the committee at or call the Member Resource Center at 866.471.SEIU (7348).