Alternative Work Schedule Win at EDD – Southern California


Having a strong union means having the power to protect our rights and to enforce our contract. There are hundreds of contract articles that govern our wages, working conditions and benefits, and when state management doesn’t comply with those rights, our union leaders must work together to achieve a positive resolution.

One of our members at a Southern California Employment Development Department (EDD) office submitted a request for an Alternate Work Schedule (AWS) and received notice about a month later that the request had been denied. Management cited business needs as the reason for the denial.

Our member requested an informal meeting to find out what was behind the denial and to see if something could be worked out, but management wouldn’t budge. So we filed a grievance.

We presented arguments that EDD was being unreasonable and had no real justification for denying our member’s request for an AWS because there was adequate coverage at the worksite and other workers in the same classification were capable of performing the duties.

With help from the union, the request was finally approved and the member’s new 9/8/80 schedule began in July.

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