Celebrating the Grand Opening of a New Union Headquarters


In 2015, our union made a long-term investment in our future with the purchase of three buildings and the city block of land they sit on in an effort to consolidate our headquarters operations and to provide additional financial stability through property ownership. 

Many members are familiar with the two buildings that have been the Sacramento home to Local 1000 for many years. The acquisition of another two-story building allowed the Member Resource Center and Union Resource Center to move into the facility. Previously those departments occupied rented offices a half-mile away. 

“This purchase represents real value for our members,” said President Yvonne R. Walker. “It’s fiscally prudent, brings our staff departments together in one place, and ensures our ability to grow and face the challenges ahead.” 

Union members gathered to celebrate our new headquarters complex in Sacramento on June 9th, touring different departments to learn how we apply union resources to win great contracts and protect workers’ rights.