DMV workers fight back outsourcing bill

When a bill threatened to outsource the work of Local 1000 DMV workers, our DMV HEAT team took action in their workplaces, lobbied legislators at the Capitol and made calls to legislators against the proposed law.  Their quick action resulted in the bill being modified by the author and subsequently by the Assembly Appropriations  Committee. 

The bill (AB 301) sought to reduce the severe backlog in availability of commercial driver license skills test appointments at DMV by outsourcing the work to third parties.

Our DMV team’s lobbying efforts were successful in removing the outsourcing language from the bill and subsequently removing a requirement that DMV administer the truck driving skills test within seven days. 

The amended bill now establishes a task force charged with making recommendations to DMV on how to meet the goal of getting more truckers on the road by reducing wait times for license tests over the next four years.  Our team’s work also resulted in language that adds a representative from our HEAT team to the task force to ensure the voices and interests of our DMV workforce are heard in an effort to improve efficiency in operations.

However, the bill still calls for a report and plan on reaching performance goals of reducing wait times to 14 days by July 1, 2019, and 7 days by July 1, 2021. We continue to oppose the bill as these goals set up an unfair expectation for the workers at DMV.

“This isn’t just about lobbying against outsourcing; it’s about finding a way to do our jobs better, to be of better service to all of California’s drivers,” said Tonya Bealey, a Motor Vehicle Representative at DMV in Long Beach.